About us

Lil Lumberjacks

About us


We are a Mummy and Daddy team Clare and James. After our son Dexter was born we were introduced to the wonderful world of handmade small businesses for kid’s clothes and décor. After a few years of filling Dexter’s cupboard and shelves to maximum capacity with products from our favourite small business’ we decided to join the community as more than a consumer.

For months I had kept a note book beside my bed coming up with different designs and products for us to make. On the weekends I would put James to work turning my scribbled down ideas into reality. We went back and forth brainstorming different business names for a few days and once we landed on Lil Lumberjacks we knew it was perfect.

Once Lil Lumberjacks was born it fuelled a whole new avenue for unique designs featuring our cross axe logo, the face of our Lil Lumberjack and the timeless plaid pattern.

We now work as a well-oiled machine with James our resident Lumberjack in charge of cutting, drilling and trips to Bunnings. I am in charge of the painting, sewing and packaging. Dexter is our resident product tester making sure our play tents and other products can withstand the rough and tumble play expected from our customers.

We are excited to start this journey and be a part of your child’s special play space.